Membership to Darulaman Golf & Country Club is through the purchase of a Class B share in the company Darulaman Golf Resort Berhad. The par value of each Class B share is 20,000 - and the current market price for each Class B share varies between RM75,000 - RM80,000.

A Class B share shall entitle the holder thereof to a membership of DGCC subject to compliance with such rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be laid down by the Directors of DGRB. Where the holder of a Class B share is a corporation, such Member shall be entitled to nominate an individual to be a member of the Club.

The Membership to DGCC can be purchased from existing shareholders who are willing to sell their Class B share(s) in the open market on a willing seller-willing buyer basis.

The fees payable to the company for application of membership to DGCC are as follows:



A fee of RM3,000/- is charged for the registration of transfer of share


A refundable deposit of RM 500/- is charged upon application of membership.


Each member shall pay a monthly subscription of RM 79.20 nett.


At only RM 1,850.00

  • Inclusive of 1 year subscription

  • With various of facilities

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